Largest snail farm in Czechia

We produce 30 tons of snails every year.

What kind of snails do we breed?

Two kinds, so far, the snail Helix Aspersa Müller and the african snail ( caviar) Helix Aspersa Maxima. Helix Aspersa Maxima reaches its sexual maturity only in six months. They have high production of caviar of high quality, delicious liver and they are able to adapt to the climatic conditions of Middle Europe. We try to provide the best conditions for our snails every day. High humidity, optimal temperature, strict hygiene and nourishment of high quality, all of this ( and Sun) enables us to have beautiful and high-quality snails. We guarantee the quality of our production thanks to our permanent care and supervision.

First – rate gastronomy in our restaurant

Restaurant with a beautiful summer terrace with possibility to taste snail specialities. We offer the best snail products. Snail meat is a delicacy starved by gourmets from all over the world and it has tradition also in our gastronomy, especially from the prewar time.

Home breeding, maximum care

Snail meat is healthy and nutritious, it contains only 60 calories per 100 grams, it contains high-quality proteins, it does not contain any cholesterol and it has very low ratio of fat. Its advantage is relatively high ratio of calcium beneficial for our joints and there were proved positive effects of consumption of snail meat for people with cardiovascular problems. The snail meat is therefore not only tasty but also healthy.

About our farm

Our farm is the largest in Czechia and building of our farm has not been finished yet. We are building and improving all the time. We produce 30 tons of snails every year. We deal snails to Spain, Italy, but we also have partners in Czechia.

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Snail restaurant

Quality alcohol and tasting of snail specialities. What can you look forward to?

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  • How to find us?

    Snail farm, K Drahani 1, 184 00 Praha 8

  • Parking

    You can park your car in front of our farm. We are looking forward to you.

Why us?

2017The farm was established in this year and we simply love snails

100hundreds of clients in Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic

30000 kg of snails are produced every year at our farm

50 seats in our restaurant – taste our snail specialities



Müller Maxima
100-300kg 160CZK/kg 130CZK/kg
300-1000kg 130CZK/kg 105CZK/kg
1000-3000kg 95CZK/kg 75CZK/kg

* Prices do not include 15% VAT
** Prices do not include transport, picking at the farm, over 1000 kg transport free in CR
*** Items are delivered in plastic boxes ( refundable, deposit 100CZK / piece) in the net cca 5 kg in each box


Müller Maxima
1 kg 350CZK/kg 240CZK/kg
2 kg 530CZK/kg 370CZK/kg
5 kg 950CZK/kg 790CZK/kg

* Prices do not include 15% VAT
** Prices do not include transport, picking at the farm
*** Items are delivered in the net max 5 kg

Snail specialities

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1. How we built our farm

2. Final result so far


VLADVI s.r.o.
Velenovského 3261/2, Praha 10, 106 00

IČO: 27396754
DIČ: CZ27396754

Snail farm
K Drahani 1, Praha 8, 184 00

Registration number of the farmer (.pdf)

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